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Reviews for "Underneath"


I really enjoyed this! The sounds, the images, the scenarios. All good dude. Thanks!

To be a part of something

The animation style and audio was brilliant, giving you some more high ranking awesome because it was drawn entirely with a mouse.... i miss my tablet, regardless. That was a very inspired flash, i think i could see what you were getting at, a hand dreaming about how he could be a part of something in the world. either way it was good, keep up the good work.

Talk about original

I was really tickled to death at this flash; what an innovative idea!
The musical selection was choice and it matched the action very well.
I am not a flash movie producer myself (mainly because my six year old looks at my doodles and says, "what's that supposed to be?"), so I honestly don't have a working knowledge of how making these movies goes. Still, I do know that getting a mouse to do anything precisely is a tricky process, so I am amazed that you were able to draw something so impressive with one.
Honestly, it was really great and I am excited to see another submission from you. Thanks!


that was pretty good i liked the music and yes newgrounds does need more vids like this

great i loved it

nice flash good graphics and simple yet very well imagined 5ives and 10ns for you