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Reviews for "Underneath"

kool vid

haha everything on here i learned in school lol

Absolutely stunning.

So relaxing. For once in my life i can lay back and just look at the world. Phazer100 is correct. We DO need more flashes like this in the world...


we need more animations like this in the world


i feel sorry for that hand

Wow. Wonderful Piece!

Your work was amazing, Paul Andrew. Music Videos are about perspective, and so is this review.
I think when the thumb-boy was sleeping, he dreamt about being another person's hand - how important he is in this world. He cannot live without his other body parts, therefore the dream explained what he was really meant for, and how much he means to the world. In this flash video I find hope.
And I hope to see more of your works soon, Paul Andrew. I really enjoyed this one.