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Reviews for "Transformers Mediocrity"

Funny stuff man

Good work with that toon - loved Egoraptor as Prime and Prowl. The art was really good, really close to the original show.
(PS - Transformers work fine as bobblehead types - I almost made em chibis in the three Transformers flashes I did)
Also, extra points for working in "Dare to be Stupid" and the theme from the movie.


That was actually...really good. Good job man. Loved the voices and had some humor to it.

Hey, Pigbot...

...it's "focus," not...whatever that was.

Also, next time, we need some Decepticons. Megatron is *prime* when it comes to incompet leadership.

just awsome

i didnt knew that optimus lacked of authority that much!

this belongs on the front page!

It's fresh, the voice acting is made of something I call "anti-suck" (tm) - it's funny and YOU should watch it, too!