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Reviews for "Transformers Mediocrity"

i would like to know...

i would call it Ipeanut


it was all worth it for the ipod ending. good stuff.

love it

your brother is governer
o ya good old jeb
best joke

Ah good ol' Jeb Prime

I like it, great stuff, and because I liked it so much I'm gonna call you Peanut

That was great

best parody I've ever seen, I'm glad someone made a parody about transformers instead of mario for once, personallly I think they dont give mario enough credit, come on guys, hes the best videogame character of all time. great job dude. hope to see more transformers parodies soon, the way it switched from one scenario to the next kinda reminded me of Robot Chicken on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim. 10 stars all the way