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Reviews for "Transformers Mediocrity"


lol so good and wen optimus calls his transformers ipod peanut lol XD

I loced TFM2 so much i had to watch the original

so funny - can you do a whole season?

MetalMaverick responds:

I don't know about that, but hang tight. I have something special in the pipeline. Might not be "Mediocrity", but I think you guys'll like it.

One of the best laughter out there

That was amazingly funny clip
Good way to kill the time too

"im gonna call you peanut"

that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!1


prowl: optimus i think we have lost disaplent. optimus: way ahead of ya (makes red eyes) noone is to go in my room!. prowl: what about the despecticons?. optimus: no they they can't in ethier. prowl: that,thats not what i ment lol!!!.
prowl: name one?. optimus: well um (music) warpath: so i took her up to my place and was like blam ... plow slag the scrap out of her. wheeljack: there you go prime just as you wanted. bumble bee: me next me next. optimus: opens flame thrower shoots at bumble bee. bumble bee: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. prowl: sir i think you have had enugh. optimus: SLAG OFF! (throws the pink thingy at his face) i'll tell you when i've had enough.