Reviews for "Resident Evil SARS Part 2"

wtf?! what the hell was that.

that was crappy, plain and simple. I'm a resident evil fan and that video made me want to play the outbrake series. it was ,for lack of a better word, childish. And the voices werent in sinc at all. X(

faster and funnier...

slow paced and boring...the action just wasn't there and the comedy was extremely lacking...also...something with that many word syncing problems should not have made front page.


i didnt really find this funny, it had really childish humor and by that i dont mean immature humor, i mean if i had watched this maybe 2 or 3 years ago i would have found this pretty funny but it just wasnt sorry. also the lip-syncing had some bugs in it. but ill have to give u points for the animation.


what about big mac or mayor cheese burger

You sure this wasn't dubbed?

The film was great. You story was humorous and your animation style was pretty cool the only thing was that your lip sync was really off.