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Reviews for "UU - Hentai Collab"

Very Nice

lol awesome. Im not the biggest fan of this kind of music, but the animation was great. Like glowsticks in a rave.

BarbedWireClock responds:

It's trance music. Named : Bass Is Kicking (Remix)

Not bad

Your fbf is surtainly not bad, but maybe its an id to keep the background the same colour bc that was the thing that kinda enoyed me.

But pretty good, keep up the work!

BarbedWireClock responds:

I think making it stay in the same background is pretty boring, so it's pretty better to make it alternately change like a rave flash.

NEW, but of course

That was something new to Newgrounds (not brand new though :P), I rather enjoyed it. I'll give you a 3/5 cause you left it unfinished.

Keep it up! Sooner or later you might even make a story with this...

BarbedWireClock responds:

There are alot of fbf animations. Most consists of lines which movement ain't smooth enough.

Kinda Kwl :D

Keep Up Good Work Nice Animation =]


Looks pretty good.

Seems like you got something here.

I liked the animation, it was pretty smooth

BarbedWireClock responds:

Yeah, but it's gonna take a while before it's done and before i think of a proper name for it.