Reviews for "Super Smash Bros Plush"

faster pacing needed

you need to pace it just a bit faster

While not the best, this was a great job.

The stop action plushies were superbly done, but the movie itself was boring at times, and the flash animated effects could have been better.


Neat idea using plushes for animation. But the video progresses to slowly to keep our attention. Perhaps a speed increase, and addition of more special effects to combat-- like that of our beloved Smash bros-- will improved your animation's visual eye candy?

Not too bad.

I liked the concept of this. Did a great job with the music and sound effects. With the animated attacks and other things werent too bad, but could have had a bit more time and detail put into them. All around not a bad flash so you get 4/5 and 8/10. ^^


gave me a good chuckle, funny style of animation. I'll give it a high score cuz it was fun to watch ^.^