Reviews for "Technamix"


ive heard both songs and they sound awesome. but you have come up with the best remix ever.

cool weirdness

Kind of creepy, but I loved it. you really fused them together, oh so nice!

yay Daft Punk!

i never knew these two songs could go so well together! the part when the guitar in aerodynamic started and also the violin or whatever it is part. Daft punk is my favourite band and ive listened to aerodynamic about 100 times acording to my play count. keep up the good work!


That sounded really cool, the timing was well synchced and everything, who would have thought they blended so well, gj.

One of the best remixes I've heard in awhile!

$$$The Good$$$

-Those 2 Daft Punk Audio mixed in very well with each other. Glad you made this.
-The Clarity in this Audio is Fantastic! I can hear this Audio Fantastically through my speakers!
-Liked how one of the Audio stopped and the other one went, then came back. XD
-This Audio diserves at least a Gold Track!

$$$The Bad$$$

-To tell you the truth, there really wasn't anything bad in this Audio. :/


-Overall, This Audio was Fantastic and I loved hearing this Audio! Fantastic Audio Mikesever! Responses are gladly appreciated! :D


MikeSever responds:

Thank you so much for the support. It's always good to hear that someone likes your work. I especially like the gold track part :) I just watched some of your flash and it was... enjoyable!