Reviews for "Technamix"


this actually goes together really well! O.O


Wow, i never imagened these two songs together but now ive heard it i like it very much, its wierd i never heard Daft Punk use this themselves.

Awesome job!!

I didn't actually think that Technologic + Aerodynamic would fit together....until now!
Keep up the good work!


I was walking home from bowling today listening to Aerodynamic and though "someone should do a Technologic rmx of this song!" and lo and behold, someone has!

Good shit!!!!

Oi, ur combination works but my criticism lies on the beginning of the guitar.... The tempo b'tween the guitar and the second "technologic" sound is a bit off, sorry.... If u want u can fix this or leave it like this.... If it weren't 4 that u've gotten urself a 10/10 from me( which may not matter 2 u.....) Cool stuff, though!!!!!