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Reviews for "Warlords: Call to Arms"


wow, found a way that you can't loose, lol. makes the game SOO easy. sweet game anyways. can go though whole game and not loose a battle


basically an upgoing difficulty by making same units absurdly more difficult every single time. The game therefore is a money grinding game, only way to win is lose a lot just because you need the money from the lost battles.


nice games very fun

Great game

this game simalar to a game i played years ago named Dawn of war it was more grousome and had more enermys...
this was a great flash gane cant be stuffed clocking it cause it takes so long but this is great maby you shopuld try adding to the second one get 50 kills and get the same thing but in 3 waves


Dude this Game is awesome i Rule At it i was Orc's to the south i think and i have 4r land to get mostly deamon xD 10/10 (Review)!
I Think There should be a couple more units but other than that i Loved it all the way!!!! xD