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Reviews for "Warlords: Call to Arms"


super cool and hard to finish

loved it

best. game. eva.

btw, if your playing for the first time, pick wood elves, buy ranger asap, turn autosend on and send them in a straight line. upgrade archery,armor,and speed in that order as needed/possible. win, lazy spammer syle :)

Awsome game but some minor setbacks

It's a very good game but having us go on some other website to play the full version realy sucks. I would love to play this all day long. But the sound doesn't trun off no matter what, which is very dissapointing. But in the end this is a wonderful game 9/10. If you think I am worng send me a message.


probably one of my few favorite flash games in this world. i can't even express my feelings for this game. kudos.


Overall the game is amazing. My only problem was the speed. It feels way too slow, there needs to be a speed boost multiplier or something.
The game is great, reminds me of Starcraft Tug Of War maps, just slower.

@frozenheartless: Get a new keyboard.