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Reviews for "Warlords: Call to Arms"

Fu**ing shit!
good game luv it


it was slow and take long time to play

niiiiccceee but....

i didnt like the money factor i had to stop at round 13 because i couldnt get enough money to buy new units and increase skills

I can't believe such a simple game is so addictive

After picking your army:
*manage troops
*pick next state to conquer
*repeat all above

-A tactical game without needing to be complicated in the least, and still offering fun and CHALLENGE. Other strategy games may be hard to understand at first, but this game you can immediately pick up on! Brilliant and simple. Each army has it's own unique fighting unit, while every army has the same basic fighting units. This levels the fighting out, and you can even train your troops up to be better. But, sometimes you feel completely hopeless, no way to earn money (required to train and buy more troops) but to fight, which is a bad concept because if you find yourself fighting the same people and losing each time just to earn more money, it is repetitive, frustrating, and boring.-

*Not explaining how to get the special move "charge" -2
*No way to earn money other than to fight. -1



This game is scored 7/10 and 4/5 from my view and opinion :)

one thing bugged me. . .

You are the ONLY civilization at war. If your an elf, or orc, and whatever then the rest of the world won't fight each other and expand. It's just too easy by the time you reach the other side of the continent and own all of the f'in land and power up against a few insignificant regions.