Reviews for "Kill the Sticks!"


keep submiting this game is great

OneWhoListens responds:


#2!!!!! YES!

I got to second place! Well... I had alot of time on my hands. Anyways, Wonderful game. Good music. I liked it. 10/10 5/5! Keep up the work!

OneWhoListens responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad you like the game, and thanks for taking the time to review, it means a lot.


look at high scores my score was 100,300 anyway it was a awsome mabye differnt music

OneWhoListens responds:

Nice score!
Thanks for reviewing, glad you like it!


i liked it.of cource you can do better and people on this site are critics,just keep it up and you'll get better

OneWhoListens responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I hope to keep going and getting better all the time.

it was fun

its was fun i rly liked its very orgianal

OneWhoListens responds:

Thank you!