Reviews for "Kill the Sticks!"

not that good

This game never catched me - i mean, whats he point about clicking on stick figures... points? i can't buy s... for them.
Worst of all: the song is annoying as hell. Oh yeah, it's great when a stick flies over the end game button and you have to start over again...

Add a colour theme, it helps to catch the eye and to catch the sticks. Improve the *end game* mistake and add a *music:off* button, then we'll talk again. 3/10

OneWhoListens responds:

I thought I had a color theme...? I guess not much of one. That will change.
You've got a point about the end game button, I had worried about that, but I neglected it in the end.
And there is a music off button, it's in the top left corner, it mentions that in the instructions.
But yeah, we'll talk again.