Reviews for "Kill the Sticks!"


i think the game was boring and annoying (graphics and musik) and besides.. i like stickmen when they're well animated..

OneWhoListens responds:

Oh, well. Thanks for reviewing.

not bad

i really didn't like the game so much, but i liked the music.

OneWhoListens responds:

Um...ok. Thanks.


keep submiting this game is great

OneWhoListens responds:



Small but nice, like the music, great audio, the stick animation is quite well, and coulered background, but endless, gets kinda boring, and usually sticks are black. In rest good, I didn't see a movie like this here on newgrounds, so this is something new, and the pointer is cool.

OneWhoListens responds:

Thanks! I figured white sticks would be...unusual, but I guess next time I'll stick to black.
Glad you like the pointer, it's my little baby xD

whats with the time

not to bad but whats with the time being so long i got bored straight away and i doubt this will pass judgment so this review will be worthless ... oh well writing a pointless reveiw cant be any more boring than playing that game

OneWhoListens responds:

If it was really that boring, you didn't have to review...but thanks for reviewing, anyway.
And you could have ended the game any time you wanted, there was a button for that....