Reviews for "Kill the Sticks!"


i liked it.of cource you can do better and people on this site are critics,just keep it up and you'll get better

OneWhoListens responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I hope to keep going and getting better all the time.


look at high scores my score was 100,300 anyway it was a awsome mabye differnt music

OneWhoListens responds:

Nice score!
Thanks for reviewing, glad you like it!


It..was..Boring.The music great, only reason to play the game. But the game its self didnt work, clicked on one stick figure five times before it died. Half the time they didnt even die..Its just a barrage of stick figures..Atleast make it interesting..With different levels, different ways to kill the stick figures, maybe stick figures with different designs.

OneWhoListens responds:

Yeah...there are a few issues. Thanks for reviewing, at least, but...a zero? Was it really that bad?

i agree with alphacharon

i only give this a 6 bcuz of the music, its so fun listening to it, and anyone who says this game is good is either on crack and booze, or just a skilled player on stupid gaems like this

#2!!!!! YES!

I got to second place! Well... I had alot of time on my hands. Anyways, Wonderful game. Good music. I liked it. 10/10 5/5! Keep up the work!

OneWhoListens responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad you like the game, and thanks for taking the time to review, it means a lot.