Reviews for "Magic Pen"


this game is awesome
i really like it
i beat every single level
and im trying it a second time to get as little shapes as possible
i liked the physics engine because it was semi-realistic, yet fun
however, if you make a sequel [sequel please? :D]
then add more levels
i played this through quite fast and i cant get enough of it

I had a good time playing this.

This game is addicting, I have to admit it! I really love puzzle/challenge games and this is a very challenging game, but it's too challenging at the same time! The game is very difficult when you get around level 4, that's awful.
But still, a very well made game! Nice quality, good concept, nice music and great gameplay! =)
Conclussion: Good game.

Note: If this were easier everybody would have liked it more!
Note 2: If you're planning to do a sequel, please make it easier but keep the challenge in the game!


Cool Game

Hard but fun and interesting


this is fun
but it's really hard later on


it was pretty good, a little challenging but fun > D