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Reviews for "Magic Pen"

"Interestingly Repetitive"

Yes, obviously this game is a clone and not as fun as originals i am sorry to say. But an interesting game none the less, If anything I would add in new features ( not just new but fun ones ) such as other modes that you can play in besides just hotting a flag or may a mode where you can make your own map.(ALTHOUGH some of the features you have added there were very interesting and the challenge was good ) Therefore I give you a 6/10. (Also i think you made a good song choice there.)


i love how the laws of physics works in this game.


Simple but not so simple, fun too!

Quickly got addicted to this, and over the course of the last few days I've beaten all 26 levels. However, the view scores link isn't working for me, so I don't know how I rate overall.


Perfect in every way......Finally beat it. Please Do NOT dumb this down. I loved the challenge.


this game is awesome
i really like it
i beat every single level
and im trying it a second time to get as little shapes as possible
i liked the physics engine because it was semi-realistic, yet fun
however, if you make a sequel [sequel please? :D]
then add more levels
i played this through quite fast and i cant get enough of it