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Reviews for "Magic Pen"

OMG's iloveit

its a bit like max and the magic marker i love it


I just played around and made cars and bikes go up and down ramps [=


to do lvl 5 u have to do a hinge at the X then do a triangle at the 2 walls to use them as ramps then make a mace to hit the circle and it will go to the flag

Quite a clever idea

A great game with fantastic music to go with it. Regarding Juharvey's review, I have to say that you would have to be a complete idiot to not understand the instructions, as they are said with both an individual instruction explanation and tutorial. Also, there's no reason to rate a game down because you couldn't pass a level, especially if there's a walk-through that explains how...

I couldnt get past level 5

I like the game! Very clever idea. I just struggled with getting past level five. Otherwise i would of given it a 10.