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Reviews for "U Mad, Bro?"

Only mad that I didn't make it myself

Fine work, really enjoyable

:D awesome

Can i just this in my flash movie :)

I swear dubstep this u will be great!

Plz make in a dubstep!


I don't like the phasing on the drums >_>' Intro hi hats were kind of snazzy though. Cool rhythms. The kick and snare just sounded weird though.
Also somewhat uninspired melodies.

Ehhhh... you need alot of work on this one. Coolest part was the arpeggios at 2:15ish, and even those were basic patterns. Try experimenting a little more with melodies/harmonies, trust me it pays off. The chord progression is there, you just need to expand on it.

Average and Generic

Just a run of the mill DnB song with nothing more than a catchy title. Same old same old. I suggest being a bit more creative in your process think outside the box.