Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"

LOL Dig-Dug Gone Insane!! XD

Why didn't his bud save him, though?

Dylawrence responds:

Because he didn't do it in the game... plus, I couldn't come up with a more demented ending then Dug bathing in Jared's blood... T4R

in meamory of Jeared

were going to miss you Buddie.

Dylawrence responds:

Yeah... I tried to make him cute and innocent so it would be more tragic.

People are asking if he will be avenged... I smell a sequel!


not very often i see a flash that i dont want to end great job.

Dylawrence responds:

Really? looking at it now... I think it's a little slow, but thanks anyway!

funny xD

i voted it in to the cartoon collection

Dylawrence responds:

Thanks man! I put it into the video game collection myself, although, I wish I could've held off on submitting until I got better at animating... but I'm glad some people still like it!


Could this be any better?? yeah, well.. nothing much to say just great man. nice build up.