Reviews for "Another Day Eight"

I was afraid that most of these were removed. At least some of them are. I appreciate this unique style of animation. It's like everything is all squiggly. That gives it such life. This is a great song too.

I was kind of sad when it ended. It really has potential! Well, it's probably the same as most entries. Doesn't matter as they're all awesome! You really do make the most out of this beautiful world.

this was a preety nice video. I almost cried because of the characters' attitudes and the music that paired them (congratulations, Joanna, for the great soundtrack)

halfway through the music I almost went to tears of joy. or, roses are red, violets are blue, all my rate 5 are belong to you. also, I agree with Illusion-Xlll, it interprets the two in the best manner I can think of.

Interesting I liked it a bit but on a personal level for me this isn't music id really listen to so that greatly affected my rating, looking forward to continuing watching your videos.

im going to make a comic series of carachters made by ma'self