Reviews for "Another Day Eight"


Good job. These movies really symbolized a lot. Even if the main things might be Peace and Harmony, I also think it pictures kind of Freedom and Happiness of Friendship ^^ Despite the simple graphics, those movies really shows that the most advanced things ain't always the best. 10/10

nice. frilly, but nice.

going out to explore is what i wish i could do every day. unfortunately, i dont live near any woods so im stuck on the computer watching what i wish i could do.


I agree with the person down there. It is so lighthearted. So peaceful. :)

Nice video=)

1 question though. Are all of the "Another Day" videos based on your life and if so, are you the blue bunny? Because this makes me think that this storyline is about an average guy who does adventurous things. Anyway Nice going on each video.
(For every video)


This series is so light hearted and peaceful.
You've got to love it.
Plus it has a beautiful animation style.
I really liked this episode.
Bravo Mr.Vian.