Reviews for "Another Day Eight"

rather interesting

it was nice and calm, told a cute little story, the music was hard to understand but I can grasp that it was how the music sounded, reminds me of when I was younger hanging out with my friends, we would go everywhere and find the best spots that no one knew about.. it was a great time, I thank you for bringing me back to it ^_^


this kind of animation doesn't usually intrest me but this one is extremely well done. as far as everyone givin you shit about the colors and what not... ignore them. i enjoyed the colors, the song , and ovreall tone of this animation. Very nicely do=ne my friend. kudos

I didn't know Blue Rabbit was left-pawed.

wow. This is an example of why I'm a fan. The music was interesting; it lent its own feel to the piece.

Although I'm sure many people became frustrated and impatient, I'm pretty sure that AD 8 was well worth the wait (rhymes and alliterations unintended).

Congratulations are due to Joanna Barrow for creating such a piece of music.

More praise than normal is due to you for this stunning artwork.

Keep up the good work; I'll be waiting! :)

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Being left handed I naturally draw people with a pen in their left hand. Its the norm for me.

Thanks for the great review.


Very peaceful

I like this Flash it was nicely done Great Job

nothing spectacular...

first of all hats off 4 finishin it! 2 and a bit years is quite a long time! the animation was very well done and very detailed, never disappointed wtih the quality! The music was very calming but on some parts the singin got a bit annoying (maybe a different song by the same person?) .

Unfortunately the animation kind of seemed to have no obvious point, well it did, But I was expecting something a bit more sort of 'Aha! I see your point!' i ye get what i mean.

It was not all bad, the brilliant animation kept me from clicking on the 'x' in the corner of the screen, that, and also the music seemed to leave me paraylized in my chair. :P It was nothing on the one with blue rabbits nightmare( not the game the another day... i forget the number lol) I look forward to seeing the next one, if u happen 2 finish it in the next 3 years. ;)

p.s dont know if u remember me and my entry 4 tsah3? mine was the one with masterchief on the sofa :P