Reviews for "Another Day Eight"

5/5 10/10 True/True Perfect/Perfect

This is just amazing, you never run out of notions . The experience within your notions never fades away the least of bit . I noticed that through the pure soulful vibes I get through percieving this extra reality, a more .. ''True'' Reality, of how nature, and humans should be .. Not that of what is now .. Because of greedy humans, wanting to make life SO MUCH MORE EASIER . It's actually making it worse, and not only that, it's making the predetermined era of life, the era of truth, and what we were MENT to be is fading away gradually .
- EW -

cant wait

I cant wait till there is a new one I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited lol i love this little series soo much its so cute and heart warming :)


You took the words right out of my mouth =]


Thanks for giving out the names of the people or bands that were played in these series. It really opened up my music life.


Oh How I wish I had BR's Life Because It Is Just So Care Free And Wondrous. This Video Shows Us what Nature Can Be Like If We Preserve And Live In Harmony With The World And Not Try To Be Greedy About What You Want. To Me That Is The deeper Meaning In Thhis Story Even If The Creators Themselves Don't Know It.

new to me but i like it

this was the first episode of the series i have watched and i thought it was as i think most super flash bros animation's, good. i have watched 3 other episode's of this until i came to review this one and all together this series is tranquil and in one word 'Grand'. I gave it a 9 because i prefer the other one's i have watched and still thought this one was great, this one had the best cute animation though :)