Reviews for "Another Day Eight"

This is just a far out-of-date review, but I felt like commenting because someone referred to the Red Rabbit as "mean", and I just decided that he could use a defense. Of course, this is just my interpretation, and could be completely disparate from what the original artists intended.
Neither the blue nor the red rabbit is the "good" rabbit. The blue rabbit could represent what is commonly described as the "right brain", creative, curious, interested in pausing to look at the ducks and draw pictures. The red rabbit would then represent what is commonly described as the "left brain", focused, task oriented, interested in following the map to the destination.
Without the red rabbit, the blue rabbit would have spent all day just looking at the ducks, and never have reached the destination. Without the blue rabbit, the red rabbit would not have paused to take in his (her) surroundings, to see the beauty of the nature around him (her). Without the red rabbit, they would not have reached the tree at the end, but without the blue rabbit, there would have been no drawing of that final view, no lasting record to take home. Both of them were needed to make the experience complete, and I think this is a wonderful, brilliantly composed visual story that showed those two sides, and how important they both are (and how well they can work together).

Not bat. In fact I like it

I dont like the other animations but this one is nice


this is so cute
i loved it
BUT the red rabbit was so mean i loved the the artisic blue rabbit

Cute in the beggining!

nicley cute!


Simply beautiful