Reviews for "Another Day Eight"


I've loved AD ever since I learn of it. While I don't lke them as much as Decline they're still great. It's funny because this episode reflects my two different persinalties (man I can't spell). On one hand I like to be crazy and stick around in places till someone make me move onwards, but also I;m serisous at time and want to have fun when we finsh. It was great, oh I was wondering do you move the backgrounds to wobble or do you redraw them each time. I think I heaard the latter somewhere, but neverind that great job make more.


I've been a fan of AD since #1. I've seen the slow evolution of the animation, it still retains the wobbly background which is a unique characteristic of the AD series. It sure took a lot longer than usual, but I don't care, the animation finally got out and tickled the minds of thousands. Keep working guys! We still appreciate your work! :)


Im suprised im giving a low score on this..........I usually love the another day series, its one of my favorites, but this one lacked the sort of essence that the another day episodes usually have. The animation was still great, but the music was also really annoying which is a very important part of the series.


another day is my favourate series and i wish i could be good at animating damm anyway awesome dude.

No Violence!

Here's a great movie WITHOUT VIOLENCE! *crowd gasps* Yes people it's possible! You are the one who show'd us that! Congratulations dude, I'm aware there are 7 others which I will watch soon I guess but I want to say if they are all like this one you'll get a 5/5/ and 10/10 on all of them. I loved this movie. It seemed so Happy and all friendshippy. Man that review made me sound like a total loser. Heheheh....umm that was akward.