Reviews for "Another Day Eight"

Sorry but not really.

Sorry Dim but I didn't find it anywhere near as captivating as another day 7 and personally prefered the releases song(no offense to Joanna as hers was good aswell and suited the mood) Still you seem to capture every mood perfectly and I would hope to see more. Please keep that Wacom tablet active! You still get 10

Great Animantion

I remember seeing the first AD and enjoyed it (due to the animation and music). This one had the same (if not better) animation, but I didn't feel the music. In it's defense though, I did suit the sceneario so I guess it's down to my personal prefrence.

This AD is a fine example of how to tell a story without the characters saying anything

What can be said?

Oh, this was beautiful. Truly captivating. I could not say anything less, really...In fact, this is my first real effort I've made to actually sit down and watch flash videos in a long while, due to all the work at school and on the yearbook I've forced upon myself, but this was a treat for me. I have seen the Decline Series, and as a gamer, enjoyed them immensely, but I never really got into this one, deeming it seemingly boring and not worth my time.

I am so glad I have proved myself wrong.

The animation is somehow...both fluid and yet...shaky...but it works so well together. And the music? Oh, so very lovely. Joanna Barrow has a beautiful voice, it reminded me of early work by Olivia Newton-John for some reason, and the lyrics made it all the more worthwhile to listen to. They spoke to me, in a sense. Anyways, this simple video made my day; it even made me cry (I'm a girl...it's not weird for me to cry over many a thing like this)! A definite 10/10.

Another Day, Another Delight

Great job, Dim. The Another Day series is always a pleasure to watch.

I have to be honest, though; I wasn't as fond of this one as 4, 5, 6, and 7 in particular (which are my favorites in the series). I'm sure it had more of a meaning to you as the creator, but to me the story it told didn't seem as captivating as previous episodes. I can appreciate a simple story with a lighthearted theme, but compared to other ADs, it didn't capture me as much. That doesn't make it bad by any means, of course.

However, the animation, as always, is fantastic. To think the series started as a tablet test run! The music was "eh"... I didn't particularly like it, despite the fact that I do enjoy mellow acoustic pieces where appropriate.

Overall, a great animation and addition to the Another Day series.
4/5, 8/10, and favorite'd.

great as always

these cartoons make me feel like I am on mushrooms