Reviews for "Stick Figure Destruction"


its cool but never ends

rating - 6

It does have some good motion graphics, and I think it's pretty cool, but I'll give you some more little 'edits' if you need them:

-Make it a little longer, people like things that can take up some of their time.
-Make it have a purpose, not just random killing, or you'll lose ppl :)
-If you'd like, and if your capable, make a game out of it! I'd love to play a game like that! Take some tutorials, add some of your own, ask some good game designers, do whatever you want.

--SchoolPark reviews

Orangebeef responds:

thanks for the constructive criticism schoolpark

Cool something non-spam!

Animation was alright and so was the fighting and sounds.
Also I liked it ,but I don't know why you made one stick man dissappear in the end.
That was my favourite part fer sum reezun.
It was pretty short though, so you don't get a very good grade. =' (

Orangebeef responds:

this movie isnt close to being finished and I made it 2 years ago

Ok but -

- It's broken! Sort of. Looks like it kept missing slides.

ehh its ok i guess

its extremely short, but the animation was fine. and there was some blood so this should be rated teen