Reviews for "Super Smash Flash2 Teaser"


This trailer's sprites are outdated, but what do I care?
Any way, the link in "gh3legend"'s message contains a lot of spoilers for this game.
And, NF, SSF2 DOES rule, but you are wrong with one thing...SSF2 does't make SSF look like crap, it does that itself.(although, I do appreciate how much effort Cleod put into the first SSF)

Still Impressive

I've seen this hundreds of times and it still gets me stoked to see the full game!
however, you should see the improved character sprites that they've got now!

http://www.mcleodgaming.com/ssf2sprit es/index.php

Holy Snap!

That looks super wicked awesome sweet! I can't wait for it to come out!OMG!and you get to use Goku and final smashes!Im' so pumped!Please tell me when it's release date is!!!


awesome...btw wher did you get the custom smw mario sprites??

NintendoFlash responds:

They were created by users from Mcleodgaming.


nice fantsay but i doubt cleod9 would put azrael and goku in...
maybe ichigo and sora if u gave him enough crack

NintendoFlash responds:

They are already confirmed...