Reviews for "Super Smash Flash2 Teaser"


I know it kinda too late but can you add luffy and zoro and also ganondorf. i just hope my comment doesnt get deleted.

Very cool

but i have a idea for the final


the current controls are good an you can change them yourself just go on group
then go on brawl and click where it says 2-minute brawl or somethin like that then click the button in the shape of a controler and set up your own controls

this can work maybe

banjo kazooie moveset

heres a move set i was thinking

up attack : brings out kazooie
right or left attack: use's wrench kinda like smash attack just quicker
down attack: kazooie throws eggs
regular attack: rams you with car' in nuts n bolts OR charges up wrench the trow long range attack,

if you never played any of the games then you dont know what am talking about,

sincerly -MCKULKEN

awesome trailer

the first Super Smash Flash game was good but i played the demo for Super Smash Flash 2 and i think the controls r bad so change the controls when the full game comes out plz,