Reviews for "Super Smash Flash2 Teaser"


Great job! SSF2 FTW!

Yay SSF2

This is gonna be an excellent game. I'm sure of it.


I know this is going to be an awesome game. Of course, I'm helping... Still, great job NF!

To all those people who don't understand: This is like the SSBB trailer. Not everything that is going to be in the game is shown.

Nice job!

You did WAY better than I would have done. I just thought you introduced too much characters on the Sora stage. And it would have been a bit better with more characters.

Still though, I like how you made it like the Brawl trailer, and also how you added another newcomer at the end. Also, you used my Sora sprites. ^_^

looks great.

hopefully there are more items and is tails a character? please say yes.
anyway can't wait for ssf2