Reviews for "Super Smash Flash2 Teaser"

omg XD

wow nice teaser lol and goku =P

Too much anime!

I have nothing against anime, and I think that it is pretty cool, but to begin with, it is supposed to be video game characters, not anime characters. Other than that, it looks good, and, who knows, the anime characters might be pretty fun to play as. Well, good luck!

Waiting for it... but...

i believe you added too much anime, and not enough nintendo

NintendoFlash responds:

There is only two Anime characters. The other two are VG game characters, and one of those two are Nintendo. Azrael is a custom.


Yeah, go NF, the finished version is sweet!!! XD

Glad we saw a trailer

I've been anticipating this game since it was anounced on Cleod's site, and it's nice to get some footage other than the battlefield demo even if it's only dramatized. Though the footage was a lot slower than the actual gameplay.

To all peeps wondering about the glitches from the fist game: They have been fixed as shown in the demo on Cleod9's site.

By the way, I actually cleaned up some parts of my castle siege stage. I wish I had posted this earlier =P
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v67 2/wilbil/SSBB%20customs/CastleSiege-2 .png

NintendoFlash responds:

The image doesn't show...

I was going to ask you about you're stages, but I didn't know you had an NG acount. You should log back into Mcleodgaming when you have the chance. I've been wanting to talk to you for awhile.