Reviews for "Super Smash Flash2 Teaser"


When did you put this on newgrounds?
I never noticed.

NintendoFlash responds:

Date Submitted

04/04/2008 | 06:01PM EST


I didn't know it was on newgrounds!!! Was it diffferent than the one at mcleodgaming or the same?

NintendoFlash responds:

It's the same, but the Newgrounds version goes so slow.

good job

i think it will be great when it comes out this summer :D cant wait.... and for you people who dont think its coming out go to www.mcleodgaming.com


you did not make this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mecleod made this..... you should put who made this. (unless you are him sorry.)

NintendoFlash responds:

I did not make Super Smash Flash. I never said I made Super Smash Flash. I gave credit to Cleod that he made SSF1 & SFF2. He gave me permission to make this trailer to advertise for him. Read the credits, dumbass.


nice..... sort of. Why not
1) make the actual game (if there is gunna be one)
2) not just animate the trailer for brawl. (I know you didn't, but face it. You pretty much did.)