Reviews for "Robot Jim!"


good fun game with nice graphics. keep the enemies hard to kill, you could even make them jump more or be able to shoot the wooden boxes too as is easy just to stand on a box and pick them off. Last boss is super easy because of this.

Also the end, so what happens there? Maybe another bug/cheat too is if you run out of the green ammo you can still sometimes shoot green if you hold fire and click between weapons. Sometimes it works, you get minus green ammo then but still can shoot.

I like the action in it, and it doesnt freeze up like some games when you try and shoot/jump at the same time for example. 9/10

Also great for wasting precious work time!

Good game

But it gives the "not a number" error when you die. Don't know if you did it on purpose, but it looks kinda strange. For the rest it's a good game, with maybe a bit too far on the "quality" side for enemies(in the "quality/quantity" scale) but for the rest, really goodlooking and well made. I'll definetely come back when i have a real mouse.


Kept me busy and still does

Nice job:)

Cool but enemy damage needs balancing

Graphics are great, good engine, nice animations. But it takes WAY WAY WAAAAYYYY too long to defeat an enemy.

By the way I broke your game - if you right click and hit "play" when the storyboard starts at the begining, you fall through the sky a bit, screen goes whacky than tells me I've beat the game - wow! Anyway that gave me the ability to access all areas.

Might want to fix that if you want a challenge in your game, at the same time make it easier to kill the bad guys - a couple of shots sounds good :)

good job

the game had good effects ,drawings were ok ,music i liked but got annoying after awhile, and yes it did take forever to kill them but all in all a pretty decent game.