Reviews for "Mortal Kombat Hooligans"

Not bad.

Not bad, it wasn't long enough though for a 7 mb movie. You could have been a bit more inventive too. Other than that, awesome.

scoonie-1 responds:

thanks bro

AChchoo er shangzoo er..

Best part was the yoyo action. Oh and when you added those eyes to the snake - cool!

Make it faster

It wasn't too bad, but making it faster by about two to three times the speed would have improved the quality by a ton. They were in the air for far too long. Other than that, I liked the "choreography" so to speak.

One issue with continuation: Shang-Tsung gets punched through the ceiling and Ermac jumps up after him. Then it shows Shang-Tsung falling DOWN to the next level, with Ermac following. This makes absolutely no sense.