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Reviews for "-Killstealer-"

pretty cool one...

but i kinda disagree with the name -killstealer-,(im used to imagine somthing while i hear sum musics), the intro is like a boring flashback or someone infiltrating a building(DA BEGINNING), around 1:00, a fight against someone or a stealth kill,(stealth music >_>)...so, its a kind of -stealthstealer- or somthing like that(cool music for movie bro)
u made an awsome mix with the techno, breakbea, etc...the rhythm kinda obeys me to vote 5 XP itsa pretty good song...


Waterflame responds:

thanks! dont put too much into a songs name or cover art. its what you think of when you hear it that matters, we all get diffrent images in our heads :D

faved. downloaded. iPod'ed

It was already a perfect 10/10 when the drop hit. Then it became something.. something more.
Technobreakstep with an orchestral flavor to it... its just... I think...the song... themusicthemusicthemusicthemuuussiiic icchthewjeiajcosrig;dferbsaevnQW QAE{RAQ'OISEZPRSAQWN3;QOSENL`'

AAAAhhhh SHIIT IM HAVING FLASH BACKS,......(mah vision flashez) Beggining:sneaking to a house or sumthin,middle:FUCK-ASS WAR IN THE PLACE,Ending:a desperate fight with a boss neack straining the hero....then BOOM YOU GOT 1000 STARS

Goood song :)

Great !!