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Reviews for "-Killstealer-"

faved. downloaded. iPod'ed

It was already a perfect 10/10 when the drop hit. Then it became something.. something more.
Technobreakstep with an orchestral flavor to it... its just... I think...the song... themusicthemusicthemusicthemuuussiiic icchthewjeiajcosrig;dferbsaevnQW QAE{RAQ'OISEZPRSAQWN3;QOSENL`'

i like this one!!

I reminds of beatfeever and delude beats, in a good way!!!! hardcore !!!

One of my favorites.

This makes great battle music for when I play on my favorite TF2 server. The song makes me think "EPIC" everywhere. I love how the tempo is fast, slows down, then builds up into something amazing.

one of your most enjoyable ones

never thought i would enjoy a track more than Chaotic!
you sir, are a GOD.


As soon as I seen "and Dubstep", I knew you were about to give the genre a new meaning. Don't get me wrong, I loved all the Breakbeat and Techno bits but the Dubstep breakdown was just incredible. Never heard a drop like it man, all that creepy FX and the orchestra stabs sounded so freaking good! Loved the guitar chugging too.

You need to do some Dubstep tracks man. Your style would breathe some fresh air into the genre, seriously. Faved and fived, downloaded, all that shit.