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Reviews for "-Killstealer-"

I think its fantastic!

You know, I really wish that games credited those that they borrowed the music from in a more obvious way. I rediscovered this song while listening to your Amazon Music shuffle (didn't know you had a color-based theme in some of your songs until then) and was like "Hold up, I remember this one, it was in an old flash game I played." I wish I had found you through there sooner, but I still came :)
Anyways, not a bad song, but a bit slow for my taste. It's definitely one of your oldest, so I can't really blame you for that, styles change over time, but it definitely isn't a bad song. Also more drums lmao

Fuck, my head...

I can't believe that nobody has created a level in GD with this song

18 hours well spent sir. Thank you!