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Reviews for "Minushi - Chapter 11"

ya good

good series need more pace.. yad yad.. yad feywood stop being a douche bag you dont even know how to make a flash


Again, a tad unlikely that she could overpower the soldiers so easily, especially since she has done it before. Her finding her brother like this is interesting.

Shut up feywood.

Ok Feywood or should I say fag wood, nah I'll stick wtih fagwood. Back on topic now
the day that YOU actually make a flash movie better than this one in the same genre is the day that I'll revote this as a 0 but until then SHUT THE HELL UP!

Also your series Minushi is very good but as a suggestion maybe you should pick up the pace and I mean quick 'cause I'm sorry to say but the Eps. are kinda sub-par, not to sound like a total hipocrite or anything. But ya through some more oomph into them thats all I'm saying.

And this review should mean a lot to you because I made an account just as an attempt to get FAGwood off your back so yeah.


For the love of all that is holy, could somebody just kill her already? I haven't seen a less charismatic - or more annoying - lead character since Neon Genesis Evangelion; I'm surprised she isn't named Mary Sue.

Wooow you lose a point for each review I give!

She's so ridiculous! She can't do all that! ha ha