Reviews for "Home Made DS"

freakin' fun-a

ha ha i tried it but it didnt work maybe i need pixidust lol great animation and actualy interesting this rock can you do one on the psp and or other systems lol

Nice animation you got there.

My whining:
It's not an original idea. A lot of people, before myself, reviewed this and said it was a "nice idea" or "very inventive" Also, the "Some of the best SFX in stop motion" comment really cracked me up, because I didn't hear and sound effects. All I heard was music, and I'm not so sure you credited the music properly. Is there a credits thing at the end? I closed out when it went black.

My praising:
The animation is very smooth, and it fits in the video perfectly. I love how you keep moving the paper DS around. That simply made it seem more realistic. Now, if only *my* DS was that thin.... Great work!

zikayn responds:

I put the music together myself in a program called Mixcraft.

Nice work :o

Pretty damn sick mate


nice drawing


good music
nice idea
very inventive