Reviews for "Home Made DS"


why waste in buying a DS. make it on paper!

im gonna go play with my Wii made out of a box. cya

Loved it.

Not much else to say. Clever, original in that I haven't seen anything like it, and high quality.

10/10 :D

Oh and in response to Nazi-Barney: Something doesn't have to be technically difficult to be good. I'm sure superimposing an animation over live video AND making it look clean is harder than just plain animation (something in abundance on Newgrounds, if you haven't noticed). Just something to think about.


That was awesome. It's really well made clever.

Surprisingly great.

At first I was thinking it would just be a stupid someone drawing a DS on paper.
IT'S WAY BETTER THAN THAT. Can you bear my children? Can that Mario dude with the great jumps bear my children? That would make me immensely happy.
Anyways. That made me happy.


i showed this to my friend and he said "i can't even see where he erased" -.- i told him he was an idiot, this is a godly piece of art... i can't believe this isn't on the news or something, great job 5/5 & 10/10