Reviews for "Just a Pilot - Episode 4"

get a new mic, please.

audio quality was almost too bad to finish the episode. otherwise i love the style and the animation is good. bad audio quality just gives it all a really cheap feel.


He got an Australian accent -_-
Anyways try to add more fbf than just tweening everything, otherwise it looks lazy and rushed. Also the easing isnt very smooth. Try to do something with colours also. Other than that the story was ok, im not really into this kind of humor but for people who like that type, then i think theyd enjoy this. Good job, keep improving.

Koalafish responds:

lol, we'll do one episode with just fbf, no tweening at all and colour and it will look RETARDED!


sound´s crappy but its nice ...and i hate british english sorry ^^

Koalafish responds:

We're Australian, not British English... didn't know there was another kind of English


It says the cake is a lie like in ComiX. Funny.


Great animation and humor, and I like the style alot too!
And I didn't have any framerate problems, just so you know.
I look forward to more!