Reviews for "Just a Pilot - Episode 4"

this deserve a place on best of all time

the animation was incredible.
i actually think its should be on 3rd place of best of all time

Have it in color

you should color this. this is really funny but i just cant see the image. my advice is to color this nothing else.

Koalafish responds:

Look you realize you are telling us to change our animation style, its like telling Krinkels to give the Madness characters limbs, and don't say thats different cause its the same


That...was...awsome :o

LOL Amazing!

Monkey buttler. dude, that was the best episode i think. Theese are great! you should continue with the series! Thanks for the awesome episode!

Koalafish responds:

Thank you! We think its the best episode, but alot of people tell us the third is the best

i love it!

i love this series! oh, and to sammos, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!

Koalafish responds:

Thats our friend... hes a bit fucked in the head