Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

I Got Shot

Was I Suopposed To Get Shot??

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(gasping for air) eh... I almost died in real life when I got shot in this game... but C'mon, giant plants? I never saw those in lost... plus... I've never really seen much about lost... only some commercials about those people not supposed to be on the island, and I saw how you made those cows have 23 on them, when that was the plane that crashed, right? I never understood lost...


Great game. I was little confused though. also I ended by getting shot in the face after I left the facility.


awesome game, and the music made it very scary... alone on an island, no persons that will help you around... just survive... but yeah, it was creepy, and i like creepy.
ill guess ill use the walktrough, cuz i suck at these games XD
defenitly a 10/10 and a 5/5!

I got shot.

I thought it was pretty sweet. I'm a huge fan of LOST (right now my roommate and I are nearing the end of a crash course in LOST to pick up on everything we missed from season 1 up until the latest episode) and this felt very much like the show. Especially with the ominous music just letting you know you're going to get owned. At least I didn't die via black smoke eh?