Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Could Be Excellent...

Let me start of by saying the story was fantastic, I couldn't fault it as it felt as if it belonged in the Lost universe. The graphics were great and the music was spot on, however...

I was expecting an adventure game of sorts and what I got was a "find the arrow" game. Apart from the one light switch I have to turn on and the DHARMA documents (which were excellent by the way, especially the red manual) I felt as if there was no interactivity at all. If you were to introduce some puzzles and make the player think a bit, this game could be superb.

And I wasn't expecting that ending either, nice twist!

=S, I'm an idiot, got any hints?

I am one of these people who are obbsessed with Lost, but I'm also one of the rare types of people who are completely pathetic when it comes to these types of games. I managed to get to the Roslin Station, and so far it was very interesting, but after that, I didn't get a single thing, I went inside the Station, and thats as far as I got without being stuck, and the other reveiws are saying how the ending is good, can you give me a little bit of hint on what to do next?

danomano65 responds:

turn on the lights.


I didn´t really got what was happening in the game , but when i got shot i adimite i got pretty scaried.
But besides that the game didn´t make much sense

danomano65 responds:

it did. actually.


this was pretty nice, would have been better though with more options and interaction, but it was very nice.

looks easy to make though but well thought out. tell me did u take the pictures urself or did u find them on google?

danomano65 responds:

google for the most part. i took the picture of the greenhouse structure and the other exterior structure. they are places on the UT campus.

good, but kind of annoying

yes, for me was annoying, but i'm not saying it to bad-review this game, it was good, but it's just not my kind of game... and so... there is just one ending? (and so it make me go back from the screen, since i was very close... it was something... unexpected) well, i give you a 4/5 because it's your first flash game, and it was good.