Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

What A Great Game

Best Game I Have Seen In Ages

danomano65 responds:

really? awesome.


That shit me up abit lol
But as a die hard fan of LOST i have to say that rocked, although the spider was unneccecary! lol

Cant wait for the update

More LOST things all you people?

Confused ...

The game was awesome very realistic to the real show

The only thing I dont get is the ending, are you one of the carls or wilsons or something?


I have watched LOST and this was kinda creepy game i got scrared when the sniper shot me

I got shot.

I thought it was pretty sweet. I'm a huge fan of LOST (right now my roommate and I are nearing the end of a crash course in LOST to pick up on everything we missed from season 1 up until the latest episode) and this felt very much like the show. Especially with the ominous music just letting you know you're going to get owned. At least I didn't die via black smoke eh?