Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Liked it

Liked it very much, good us of photo's and pritty good storyline.

P.S.: Sorry for other people, but is it normal I got shot down or is there another ending?

danomano65 responds:

you know, i may add an alternate route to cause another ending.

friggen nice

This was a really well thought out and executed game - I really enjoyed it!

Also, you did a really nice job with the photoshop work. The perspectives/contrast/colors of the inserted objects matched the backgrounds really well. Bravo!


Holy shit dude that ending was nucking futs!


It's a very neat and unique game. I got shot! lol. It looks nice and has a good amount of interactive-ness. ;)
So, you go to the University of Texas? My brother goes to UT @ Austin. Today is his 21st birthday. ;)


It was pretty good, but i got stuck in some dark room inside theroslin station and couldn't see any arrow things.

danomano65 responds:

turn on the lights