Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Myst reborn

I really loved the unique feel of the Myst games and the rich jungle atmosphere. The photographs really fit the mood and the music was amazing!

Me likey...

I liked it, played the whole thing. Was thinking that something was going 2 pop out and chase me, then i'd have 2 click the arrows really fast 2 get away. It was more of an interactive movie sorta, ya know. But i feel it should have more, cause i really don't like losing in games and u killing me sorta left me feeling like i lost.

holy $@&^

koool scared the crap out of me wen i got sniped! i was holdin ma laptop and i dropped it lol :(


that was frakin' creepy! Awesome game, cant wait for the sequel!


Excellent music and idea.... but that gunshot scared the shit out of me.